Friday, November 25, 2016

A&M Football After Johnny Continues To Be A Dumpster Fire

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Updating Gabe Bock's numbers from early last week after another humiliating loss for Texas A&M football tonight:

Kevin Sumlin is 6-12 vs. the SEC West since Johnny Manziel left for the NFL draft, including:

0-3 vs. Alabama
0-3 vs. Ole Miss
0-3 vs. LSU
1-2 vs. Mississippi State
2-1 vs Auburn
3-0 vs. Arkansas

Since 2013, Texas A&M is 15-17 against all SEC opponents.

Worst of all, Sumlin's Aggies are 1-6 at Kyle Field vs. their division 2014-20116.

In November, Sumlin's teams are 2-7 vs. the SEC West since 2014.

He's the 7th highest paid coach in college football and 2nd highest paid in the SEC.

- JP

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